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Garden path to the Moselle

Garden path to the Moselle


For many generations our family has been growing wine. In former times there used to be a farm (cattle breeding and agriculture) as well as a wine-growing estate. Since the middle of the 1970ies we are specialized in growing wine.

You will find our wine-growing estate in Andel, a small Moselle village which has been a part of Bernkastel-Kues since 1969. It is situated in the "heart" of  the most charming part of the Moselle valley, in the bend between Bernkastel-Kues and Trarbach.

2000 years of wine culture have left their traces along the Moselle river. We don't know exactly when the first vines reached our village and if the Romans really were the first ones to grow wine here. It is true that they encouraged the wine-growing - illegally in the beginning. After Cicero (106 - 43. B.C.) the Roman senate had forbidden the cultivation of vines and olives in the provinces in order to protect their own products. Later on, the emperor Probus (276 - 282) supported the wine-culture in the provinces.

Oak barrels were first made by the people of Gallia and Germania who used them for storing and transporting mead, beer and wine. Still oak barrels protect our precious liquids in cool underground vaults.